Philip Seymour Hoffman will be in the next “Hunger Games” movie. This means that even if the movie somehow winds up being terrible, it is impossible for it to be entirely terrible, because Philip Seymour Hoffman is in it.

(Joel Ryan/AP)

As previously rumored, Hoffman will play Plutarch Heavensbee, the head gamemaker in the second “Games” film, “Catching Fire.” Lionsgate officially made the announcement today.

Now, I’ll be candid here and admit that I have read “The Hunger Games” but still haven’t made it through “Catching Fire.” (I have it at home and plan to read it this summer, so climb down off my case, okay?)

But it doesn’t matter. Even though I only know a little about Heavensbee, I am certain Hoffman will be an amazing Heavensbee because he is pretty much fabulous in everything. Honestly, if Lionsgate reps had announced two years ago that they decided to go in an unconventional direction and cast Hoffman as Katniss Everdeen, I would have said, “Well, that’s weird ... ” then followed that elliptical pause with a “ ... and it’s going to be fantastic.”

Fortunately, the much more gender- and age-appropriate — and also fantastic — Jennifer Lawrence was cast in the part. She’ll join most of the “Hunger Games” regulars — your Hemsworths, Hutchersons and Harrelsons, among others — to star opposite Hoffman. “Catching Fire” is slated for release in November 2013.

Hoffman also will be seen later this year in “The Master,” in which he plays a man who doesn’t orchestrate a public death match, but does attempt to save Joaquin Phoenix’s soul.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)