Taylor Kitsch, making his best Tim Riggins “Fine, you fix it, Billy” face. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

Last night in L.A., a “Friday Night Lights” cast party was held.

Actually, it was technically the premiere of the movie “Battleship,” which was directed by “FNL” executive producer Peter Berg and stars Dillon, Tex., drama veterans Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins) and Jesse Plemons (Landy Clark). But a few other members of the “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” club showed up at the premiere as well.

Wait, why are we sitting here talking about it when we can immediately look at a photo of Tim Riggins and Tami Taylor?

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

Aw, isn’t it sweet to see Mrs. T/Connie Britton with Riggins/Kitsch given how hard she worked to make sure he would have a high school English tutor? And speaking of that tutor...

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

It’s Landry Clarke/Plemons, the guy who introduced Tim to the wonders of “Of Mice and Men.” And hey, look who else showed up:

(Frazer Harrison/GETTY IMAGES)

Vince! Or, if you watch “Parenthood,” Alex. Or, if you live in reality, Michael B. Jordan.

So like I said, Vince was there.

Also in attendance: Latka.

No, sorry. That’s a line from Jon Hamm’s “Taxi” rap, which has been stuck in my head all week. Also in attendance: Jason Street/Scott Porter.

For some reason the Washington Post’s publishing system has no photographic evidence of this fact but the fine people at Jezebel — who also noticed the “Battleship” premiere/“FNL”connection but turned it around faster than I did because I just had to go to meetings and get a salad at Chopt today — do have a photo of Street. (See here.) He is wearing a cap and has a beard with some strands of gray in it. Just for the record.

Director Peter Berg, the man responsible for the existence of the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon Lions, walked the red carpet.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

So did Tim Riggins, accompanied by Coach Eric Taylor.


Okay, clearly that’s Liam Neeson, not Eric Taylor/Kyle Chandler. But look what he’s doing to Timmy Riggins’s head. That’s a total Coach Taylor move, am I right?

Here’s Berg, Tim and Coach Taylor/Liam Neeson, having a drink at the “Battleship” party, which was clearly held at Buddy Garrity’s bar.

(Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

Oh yeah, and I guess I should mention that Rihanna, who makes her big-screen debut in “Battleship,” was at the premiere looking hot.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

So was her co-star Brooklyn Decker.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

But in the realm of “Friday Night Lights,” they mean nothing. So let’s just look at Tim Riggins and Mrs. Coach one more time.