Pink and husband Carey Hart (Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

The singer has been forced to drop out of a fundraiser for President Obama over a persisting stomach illness, according to a tweet. She was set to perform at an LGBT gala that will take place Wednesday in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

Pink was hospitalized last week for the flu. She alluded to having her gallbladder removed in a tweet Sunday (“SAYONARA !!!!!!!!!!!!”) and is still in the hospital.

“Glee” star Darren Criss will take the pop star’s place at the fundraiser, Pink said in a tweet: “ :( I’m so bummed i can’t perform for The President of the United States this Wed night.thanx @darrencriss for filling in for me!! #badtiming.”

(Criss’s “Glee” boss Ryan Murphy is holding a $25,000 a head/$40,000 per couple dinner for President Obama after the fundraiser.)

The TV star replied, “:) So bummed I’ll have to miss my dental appointment to sing for The US President Wed night. thanx @Pink for messin that up!!”

Oh, Darren Criss you rascal you. What do you really want to say?: “... But in all seriousness @Pink- what an honor! & while I’m at it, thanks for letting me sing your songs on glee :) hope we did ya justice!”