Characters from "Up.” ( Pixar/Reuters)

But don’t worry. Pixar is here to solve this problem.

From May 25 through the 28th, several Pixar blockbusters from summers past — “Up,” “Toy Story 3,” “Wall-E” and “Ratatouille” — will screen in select AMC theaters around the country, the multiplex chain announced Friday. (A list of participating cinemas can be found here.)

Clearly this gives moms and dads some viewing option for the kids. It also may serve as a pre-“Brave” reminder that Pixar puts out quality movie fare, a reminder perhaps necessary after last year’s less-than-well-received, but still insanely lucrative “Cars 2.”

Indeed, according to a news release, a Pixar short film and behind-the-scenes look at “Brave,” which opens June 22, will be shown alongside the films. Ticket prices are set at $6, but may vary.

While I’m not passing any judgment on parents who take little Bobby or Sally to see, say, “The Dictator,” I will share Jane Horwitz’s Family Filmgoer warning about the film: “Where to start? Aladeen helps to deliver a baby, and when he sees it’s a girl, he asks for the trash can. The dialogue bristles with crude sexual references and a masturbation joke involves movement, but is not explicitly graphic. The language is profane. Gun violence is frequent. Aladeen orders many executions.”

Yeah, probably better to stick with “Up.”