LL Cool J at the Grammy Awards. (Matt Sayles/AP)

We did it, America. We made it through all six weeks-plus of awards season, a time period that treated us to Ricky Gervais insults, both perpetuated by him and directed at him by Madonna; multiple Meryl Streep award wins but only one misplacement of Streep reading glasses; much Grammy consternation over Chris Brown; and, of course, Angelina Jolie’s leg.

Yes, it was an extraordinary journey, one that has made us all better people.

Okay, fine, it didn’t improve our character on any level. But the point is that it’s all behind us, which means we can now collectively consider the key individuals who hosted this year’s batch of trophy shows and decide, once and for all, who did the best emceeing job. Let’s look at our contenders and do the only thing that makes sense to achieve awards season closure: Vote for a winner.

Kaley Cuoco — The People’s Choice Awards

(Frazer Harrison/GETTY IMAGES FOR PCA)

As the only female host of the 2012 awards season, she gets credit for making sure women were represented. The “Big Bang Theory” star also made a perky and energetic host, but when you’re saddled with the People’s Choice Awards, a person can only soar so high.

Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel — The Critics Choice Awards

(Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS)

The former “Human Giant” cut-ups brought a refreshingly silly approach (see above, as they talk to mini versions of themselves) to one of the season’s less formal occasions. Not every gag worked, but their tribute to the movie deaths of 2011 was pretty solid.

Ricky Gervais — Golden Globes

(Paul Drinkwater/AP)

The general consensus from critics was that Gervais eased off his barks and bites this year, to a much greater degree than he should have. But now that we’ve seen other hosts do their thing, do you still think he wasn’t acerbic enough? Or do you stand by the results of this Celebritology poll, in which 56 percent of readers said he should host the Globes again next year?

LL Cool J — The Grammy Awards

(Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

I was among those firmly in the “Grammys ceremony does not need a host” camp when the actor and hip-hop artist was first announced as the show’s master of ceremonies. But then Whitney Houston died. And suddenly, the Grammys needed someone to appropriately lead a prayer at the beginning of the evening and bring some sense of comforting continuity to the proceedings. That’s exactly what LL Cool J did.

Seth Rogen — Independent Spirit Awards

(Vince Bucci/AP)

Few people probably saw Rogen’s entire opening monologue from this pre-Oscar indie event, especially since it had to air in somewhat censored form on IFC. But as someone who sat under the tent at last Saturday’s Spirits, I can confirm that this was the most consistently funny — and inappropriate for network television — opener of the season.

Billy Crystal — The Academy Awards

(Gary Hershorn/REUTERS)

While some fellow Academy Award attendees thought Crystal did a fine job, the Twitter-sphere didn’t react quite as warmly to the Oscar vet’s return to the hosting gig. But how does he compare with everyone else mentioned above? Time to vote.