Rachel Crow. (Ray Mickshaw/Fox)

Judge Nicole Scherzinger voted to send Crow home in order to force a deadlock, meaning viewer votes broke the tie and Scherzinger didn’t have to feel responsible for the elimination. To everyone’s surprise, this sent Crow home, causing the 13-year-old to collapse to the floor in tears. Horrible right?

As video of the breakdown via Gawker shows, Crow received some kind parting words from Simon Cowell and everyone in the audience booed Scherzinger. Read more at the TV Column.

Sinead O’Connor wed her boyfriend Barry Herffidge in a pink Cadillac at a drive-thru chapel in Las Vegas. (People)

After Alec Baldwin lamented in his non-apology apology how certain types of flight attendants make “flying a Greyhound bus experience,” the company’s president and CEO invited the actor to come see how great the buses are and take a ride. Pretty sure that isn’t going to happen. (News Wire)

Eddie Murphy will play former D.C. mayor Marion Barry in an Spike Lee directed HBO biopic. (Reliable Source)

Lindsay Lohan has met her first probation progress milestone ahead of her Dec. 14 hearing, completing 12 hours of community service. Seriously. She’s actually doing it. (E!)

A Kardashian demands an apology of an actual celebrity, after the jump.

Miss America judge Kris Jenner is not too happy that Daniel Craig called her family “[expletive] idiots” and wants him to apologize. Right. (Toronto Sun)

Roots drummer Questlove said he now must clear his song choices for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” with NBC executives after he made a controversial song selection for presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. (AP)

Uma Thurman will appear in five episodes of NBC’s “Smash.” (EW)

Want to watch an 8-minute long “ Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ” trailer? Your dreams come true at the link. (Buzzfeed)