The Travis mug shot. (Handout/REUTERS)

Apparently it wasn’t, given the details involved in his latest sad arrest, the one that led to the release of the mug shot of a bloodied, black-eyed Travis that you see to the right.

According to the Associated Press, Travis was arrested Tuesday night in Grayson County, Texas, not far from where he lives. Here are the reasons why.

He allegedly was drunk.

He was naked and lying in the middle of the road.

He had crashed his Trans Am into several construction barricades and run it off the road.

He also allegedly threatened the Texas troopers who responded to the scene.

He now faces charges of retaliation and obstruction, in addition to drunk driving, as a result of all this. After being released Wednesday on a $21,500 bond, he walked out of the Grayson County jail barefoot and wearing medical scrubs. You know, because this whole thing wasn’t quite weird enough.

(Chris Jennings/AP)

One might be inclined to make bad jokes about the whole affair. In fact, a lot of people in Twitter definitely are so inclined, although on Randy Travis’s official feed, it’s apparently just another #WordScrambleWednesday. But it’s just too sad. Clearly the man needs to stop drinking and get his life straightened out. Travis is a Grammy Award winner who should be singing country lyrics, not living them.