Ray Bradbury in 1997. (Steve Castillo/AP)

“Today, I have been reborn!” Bradbury, who died Tuesday, said in a statement at the time. “‘Dandelion Wine’ is my most deeply personal work and brings back memories of sheer joy as well as terror. This is the story of me as a young boy and the magic of an unforgettable summer which still holds a mystical power over me.”

In the wake of his death, Variety and Vulture are reporting that the film is still in the works and that a director is being sought.

Natasha Shilapnikoff, who is also producing the adaptation, told Vulture that Bradbury signed off on the script before his death. According to Vulture, the author was a fan of director Ron Howard but said he would leave the choice of a director for “Dandelion Wine” up to the producers.

Many of Bradbury’s novels and short stories have been adapted for the big screen, including “Fahrenheit 451,” by director François Truffaut, and “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” by Walt Disney Productions.

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