The season finale of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” ended Sunday with divorce papers and a wine party gone wrong.

Tamra Barney confronted former housewife Jeana Keough about some trash talking she’d done in the press about Barney’s nasty divorce, shoving a cease and desist letter at Keough’s chest and face. Being a veteran housewife skilled in the art of reality drama, Keough threatened to throw Barney in the pool. Apparently that’s the insult that pushed Barney over the edge and she threw a drink in Keough’s face. Blinded by the liquid, Keough threw her drink to the wind, hitting an innocent bystander, who for some reason had another drink thrown on her.

Did I mention this was at a party thrown by weepy mess Vicki Gunvalson shortly after she filed for divorce?

Watch the drama and a preview for the reunion show below: