It’s here. Rebecca Black’s “My Moment,” the much anticipated and feared follow-up to “Friday,” has hit the Web — with a thud.

Black sings about having her moment in the spotlight, while the video shows us the tween at a premiere, in the studio and looking at a newspaper clipping, presumably about herself. We even get to see Black dance with some people from “So You Think You Can Dance.” (She can’t, if you were wondering.)

The production value for the video looks slightly higher than that of “Friday” — but that’s not what the viewing public wants. We want to be told that “tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.” Not “haters see you later.”

To be fair, the singing isn’t terrible. But it’s not that good either. And for a person who is only famous for being the person behind something so awful that it was a viral video masterpiece, this tepid song just isn’t cutting it.

Yes, Rebecca it was your moment. And now that moment is over. Please return to being a normal 14-year-old.