Rebecca Black (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island crew also made the list for their Michael Bolton collaboration, “Jack Sparrow,” and “The Creep” with Nicki Minaj and John Waters.

“Friday,” a creation of the pay-to-create Ark Music Factory, was posted to YouTube in February and went viral the following month. The original video was removed in June, days after Ark attempted to get YouTubers to pay $2.99 per view. At the time, the video had about 160 million views. But “Friday” was quickly restored to its rightful place, where it started racking up views (and dislikes) all over again.

It’s been an interesting year for the now 14-year-old Black. She’s enjoyed the perks that fame brings, like appearing in a Katy Perry music video. Black has also released two songs since “Friday” — “My Moment” and “Person Of Interest.” Neither have reached the heights as the tune that made her famous.

The year had its lows too, as Black was subjected to Internet ridicule and rumors, and was forced to leave school because of bullying.

Still, Black seems like a pretty normal teenager who can laugh at her viral video stardom. Take this recent tweet, for example: “‘Christmas is Sunday’ is trending...come on guys I already taught you all the days of the week, but now holidays?! too much pressure.”

Watch Black host YouTube’s Rewind 2011, which as the Daily What points out has more dislikes than likes at the moment, below.