Actress Reese Witherspoon. (Tobias Schwarz/Reuters)

Witherspoon, who owns a farm with 21 chickens, explained a very unusual Easter game that involves stuffing eggs into tube socks, wearing them while running a race and declaring a winner based on who broke the least eggs. Cold yolk and egg shells in your socks sounds like a really fun time!

Conan O’Brien and Witherspoon also discussed his accidental “attendance” at the actress’s wedding. While attending a playwrights conference in the same town Witherspoon was married in, O’Brien ran into one of her very drunk friends and told some interested Germans he was the ring bearer. (He wasn’t.)

Witherspoon’s new film “Water for Elephants,” released today, has received mixed reviews so far, including this 2 1 / 2-star review from the Post’s Michael O’Sullivan.

Watch the interview, which contains one sort-of NSFW word, below: