MovieWeb recently reported that the Biebs is “obsessed” with the 1996 thriller, about a creepy boyfriend (Mark Wahlberg) who goes on a violent rampage after his ladyfriend (Witherspoon) breaks up with him, and may pursue the rights to remake it.

(Wahlberg and Bieber are actually working together on a basketball movie.)

MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked Witherspoon if she was okay with such a plan. She replied:

“Fine, great. That'd be cool. Would he be playing me, or is he playing Mark Wahlberg? Is it like a girl who harasses the family, like a stalker who can't leave him alone? That would be good, right? I mean girls get crazy about him. Yeah, he's very talented.”

Witherspoon, you’ve done it again.

Instead of Bieber playing the menacing obsessed boyfriend, which, I mean, come on, he should play the victim of a dangerously obsessed girl.

I understand that Bieber may be trying to move away from his nice guy image (when you smile, he smiles), but did you see him on “CSI?” The Biebs does not play the bad guy well.

Watch Witherspoon’s interview with Horowitz below.