Ron Howard. (Dave Hogan/GETTY IMAGES)

Although Universal dropped the project last summer because of budget issues, Deadline reports that Warner Brothers is close to a deal to make at least the first movie in Ron Howard’s three-film/TV show project based on Stephen King’s book series of the same name.

According to Deadline, Javier Bardem may “potentially” still play the lead, Roland Deschain.

Producer Brian Grazer told MTV last year that the TV show aspect of the project will be done with HBO.

While this report hasn’t been confirmed, Howard recently expressed his wishes to still direct “The Dark Tower,” which Bill Sheehan writing for The Washington Post called “a humane, visionary epic and a true magnum opus.”

To a fan who asked Howard on Twitter about the potential to still direct the project, he replied, “I hope and plan to. Love it.” The director is currently shooting the film “Rush,” starring Chris Hemsworth as Formula 1 racer James Hunt.

“@marcwebb2: @RealRonHoward please answer me do you direct THE DARK TOWER?”I hope and plan to. Love it

— Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) March 3, 2012

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