We already knew that Justin Bieber had graduated from high school, since he previously noted that to Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman.

Bieber, throwing himself into the air in lieu of a mortarboard. (Chris Young/AP)

But now he has the diploma to prove it.

The Guardian (via New York Times’ ArtBeat) reports that the Biebs’s name was listed in the official program at the St. Michael Catholic Secondary School’s commencement ceremony. The ceremony at the Ontario institution was held Thursday. Bieber did not attend but was recognized as an official graduate.

As he recently told Letterman during a “Late Show” appearance, Bieber completed all of his high school course work long-distance while building up his massive squadron of Beliebers. When asked whether he attended his commencement ceremony, Bieber said, “Commencement? No,” without acknowledging that the ceremony had not yet taken place.

When Letterman followed up with questions about Bieber’s college plans, the pop singer said: “I can’t say I’m never going to, like, go to college. But at this point, I’m not, like, planning on it because I’m, like, focused on this album.”

Indeed, Bieber seems to have skipped the “hit beach week, then do nothing for two months” route that many high school grads travel, opting instead to have the No. 1 album in the country (“Believe”) and prepare for a massive North American tour.