Richard Dawson and Kathryn Joosten. (AP/File; Valerie Macon/Getty)

The British-born actor and TV personality will forever be known for hosting “Family Feud” for over a decade, during which time he coined the phrase “Survey Says” and kissed many (many, many) female “Feud”-ers on the cheek. The New York Times notes that Dawson was criticized by viewers for kissing women of different races, something he addressed in a 2010 interview: “It’s very important to me that on ‘Family Feud’ I could kiss all people. ... I kissed black women daily and nightly on ‘Family Feud’ for 11 years, and the world didn’t come to an end, did it?”

Dawson also starred on “Hogan’s Heroes” and in the film “The Running Man.” He appeared on “Match Game” and “Laugh-In.” (Washington Post)

The television world also lost Kathryn Joosten to cancer this weekend at age 72. Joosten was best known for her roles on “The West Wing” and “Desperate Housewives,” as well as a notable guest spot on “Scrubs.” She did not begin her career until age 42, but still had time to win two Emmys. (AP)

New footage from “The Dark Knight Rises” debuted at the MTV Movie Awards. Unbelievably, there is still over a month to go until the film hits theaters. (MTV)

Jason Alexander, of “Seinfeld” and Courtney Stodden collaboration fame, apologized over the weekend for calling cricket a “gay game” that features “a queer British gay pitch” on Craig Ferguson’s show last week. He said in a statement to GLAAD, “The worst part is — I should know better. My daily life is filled with gay men and women, both socially and professionally. I am profoundly aware of the challenges these friends of mine face and I have openly advocated on their behalf. So, I can only apologize and I do. In comedy, timing is everything.” (HuffPost)

Justin Bieber’s eyebrow loses battle with glass wall, after the jump.

Justin Bieber was seemingly unscathed from his latest encounter with a piece of glass in Paris last week. But, according to a video message Bieber made, one of his eyebrows was left slightly paralyzed as a result of his head’s meeting with the glass wall. Thankfully, the Biebs now reports that the brow is “all good.” (Twitter; Viddy)

Complicated headline of the day: “Trial to begin for actor Stephen Baldwin’s suit against Kevin Costner over BP centrifuge deal.” (AP)

Watch the trailer for “The Babymakers,” starring Olivia Munn and Paul Schneider, and wonder how movies that look so lame get made. (Slashfilm)