Ridley Scott is planning to direct another “Blade Runner” movie, a film that would be a continuation of the 1982 sci-fi classic in which Harrison Ford hunted down replicants.

Deadline reports that Scott is on board as director and producer of the project, to be made in conjunction with Alcon Entertainment, the studio that earlier this year obtained the rights to “Blade Runner,” which was directed by Scott.

It’s not clear at this point whether the new film will be a prequel or a sequel, or how it will expand on the dystopian narrative originally laid out in a novel by Philip K. Dick. But Deadline’s story says it will not be a remake, which should be a relief to those who feel a sense of extreme loyalty to Rick Deckard, the “Blade Runner” protagonist played by Harrison Ford.

This marks Scott’s second reboot of one of his own beloved sci-fi films; his upcoming “Prometheus” is considered a prequel of sorts to “Alien.” Given Scott’s commitment to making movies in 3-D — one he shared during a Comic-Con panel that focused on “Prometheus” — it seems fair to assume that “Blade Runner 2.0” will also get a multidimentional treatment.

What do you think about another “Runner”? Would you see it? Should Ford play some sort of role in the new movie? Or should Scott leave his original moody sci-fi film unrevisited?