Rihanna talks with Oprah in Barbados. (George Burns/Harpo Inc.)

We already knew, based on the preview clip released last week, that Oprah Winfrey would ask Rihanna about Chris Brown during her interview with the pop star on Sunday’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” We also knew that Rihanna would get a bit teary while admitting that, in the aftermath of Brown assaulting her in 2009, she was deeply concerned about his well-being.

Now that the interview has aired in its entirety, we also know the rest of the story: that Rihanna admits that she still loves Chris Brown, and has forgiven him for hitting her after making peace with her own, occasionally violent father. Here are the key points revealed during the Rihanna/Winfrey conversation.

—Rihanna and Brown, according to Rihanna, are “not seeing each other.” But the two have been “working on our friendship again, and now we’re very, very close friends,” she said. “We built up a trust again. And that’s it. We love each other and we probably always will.”

— The “Battleship” star acknowledged that Brown is in a relationship and that she is single. But she also admitted that, as rumored, they recently reunited in St. Tropez. “It’s awkward because I still love him,” she said of seeing Brown again. “My stomach drops, and I have to maintain this poker face and not let it get to the outer part of me.”

— When Winfrey asked if Brown was a true love her for her, Rihanna responded, “Absolutely. I think that he was the love of my life. He was my first love and I see that he loved me the same way.”

— Rihanna said she was “angry” and “resentful” for a long time before she ultimately forgave Brown for hitting her. She said she was able to grant that forgiveness after she resolved issues with her own father, who she implied was occasionally violent with her mother.

— This has nothing to do with Chris Brown, but Rihanna also gave her mom the keys to a super-nice house while they were being filmed, in a moment that was both sweet and also seemingly orchestrated. Look, this was an Oprah Winfrey show, which means someone was contractually obligated to snag the keys to something.

Immediate reaction to the interview on Twitter ran the gamut from respect for Rihanna’s candor to criticism of her forgiveness of Brown to comparisons of the flowing sundress she wore to a bottle of Arizona Green Tea. (To be fair, the resemblance is pretty striking.

Rihanna Bad Looking Like a Arizona! twitter.com/John_Da_Kid/st…

— John Da Kid (@John_Da_Kid) August 20, 2012

During last week’s Celebritology discussion, one reader already had a strong opinion after watching the aforementioned preview of the Rihanna/Oprah sitdown.

“A lot of women are extremely angry at first but start glossing things over after a little bit of time,” the reader wrote. “Even women who have been hurt very badly. I know because I used to volunteer at a shelter.”

Based on Sunday’s interview, does Rihanna fit that profile? Or does she seem like someone who has moved on since the incident occurred, but has evolved enough to offer forgiveness? And, in a related and admittedly far more absurd question, did you or did you not also think that she looked like a bottle of Arizona Green Tea? Please, share your thoughts by posting a comment.