A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Prince William and the expectant Duchess. (Andrew Winning/Reuters)

The Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, was released from the hospital Thursday after a four-day stay to recover from acute morning sickness brought on by her newly announced pregnancy. Accompanied by husband Prince William, she emerged from the hospital with a bouquet of yellow roses and, according to the BBC, nodded when asked by reporters if she was feeling better. She will continue resting at Kensington Palace. (BBC)

As announced during “The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!” that aired last night on CBS, Frank Ocean, Fun, and Mumford & Sons are among the artists receiving multiple nominations this year. Also, please breathe a sigh of profound relief: “Call Me Maybe” has been nominated for Song of the Year. (Associated Press)

Rihanna will star in a fashion-based reality show that will air on the Style Network beginning sometime next year. It’s called “Styled to Rock,” and it basically sounds like “Project Runway” except with Rihanna calling many of the shots. Fingers crossed that she brings in Chris Brown to oversee the budding designers’ work and tell them to “Make it work.” (Huffington Post)

Danny DeVito says he and Rhea Perlman, who announced their separation earlier this year, are trying to work things out. So maybe there’s still hope? (TMZ)

Execs at Weight Watchers are supposedly “furious” because Jessica Simpson got pregnant seven months after signing her $4 million deal to lose post-baby pounds following the birth of her first child. Or so say sources talking to Us Weekly. (Us)

The Senate has apparently invited Steven Spielberg to screen “Lincoln” for them. Because it’s the only way to avoid this “fiscal cliff” situation. (Vulture)

The National Board of Review has chosen “Zero Dark Thirty” as the year’s best film, just two days after the New York Film Critics Circle did the same thing. The NBR also named Jessica Chastain best actress and Bradley Cooper best actor for his work in “Silver Linings Playbook.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Here’s a list of the 10 best Christmas movie soundtracks of all time. No. 1 might be a bit surprising to some. (Den of Geek via Fark)

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