Rob Lowe, preparing to write a second book. (Danny Moloshok/AP)

As a result, Entertainment Weekly reports that Simon & Schuster has ordered up a second book from Lowe, to be titled “Love Life.” This release from Mr. Chris Traeger reportedly will cover sex and marriage, as well as some other less sexy stuff that we’re not going to bother telling you about.

This announcement got us thinking: What books do we really wish that some well-known celebrities and authors would write? Here are a few suggestions. Got ideas of your own? Share them in the comments. 

"That One Time I Slept With Steve Jobs” by Jennifer Egan

We’ve already heard Steve’s side of the story in Walter Isaacson’s biography, but something tells us the Pulitzer Prize-wining author’s version would be better. As she partially does in “A Visit From the Goon Squad,” she could tell us the story in PowerPoint!

 “Things I Have in Common With Jordan Catalano” by Jared Leto

Obviously, this would need to be a really long list.

"White House Secrets” by Sasha Obama

An excerpt: “Sure, my mom thinks Malia and I eat vegetables and get our fitness on. But when she’s out and about doing the Dougie with Beyonce, MO and I raid the freezer and eat Ben and Jerry’s straight out of the carton while watching ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Joe Biden thinks that Caleb is A.”

 “Guys, I Was Just Kidding,” by Stephenie Meyer

Because, like, she was, right?

“I Am the Cute One” by Mary-Kate Olsen

Not to be confused with Very Mary-Kate. This time the truth is coming OUT. No one is safe. Not even Lizzie.

“A Basic Explanation of What Exactly We’re Doing” by the Occupiers of Wall Street

It would just be really helpful, that’s all.

“You Can Look Like Me Without Even Trying,” by Pippa Middleton

This may or may not wind up being located in the “fiction” section of the bookstore.

“The Only Thing Cooler Than a Million Dollars,” by Justin Timberlake

No. Just, no. The only thing cooler than a million dollars would be if Justin quit the extra-curriculars and started making music again. That said, if he’s going to write a tell-all book about ‘N Sync (“Was Chris Kirkpatrick’s facial hair like that because it was full of secrets?”), we might reconsider.