Robert Redford, celebrating the big 7-5. (Alex Brandon/AP)

Robert Redford is celebrating a birthday today. He is 75.

Yeah, you heard me: 75. Yet it seems like just yesterday that some of us were charmed by his cocksureness/fear of swimming in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” or swooning over him in “The Way We Were.”

Redford has made a lasting contribution to cinema with his filmmaking and, more importantly, his founding of the Sundance Institute.

But movie lovers first got to know him as an actor. And when we think about his career, it’s those flickering, moviehouse images of him that pop to our minds first: Redford knocking one out of the park in “The Natural.” Redford running for office in “The Candidate.” Redford investigating the Watergate break-in in “All the President’s Men.” (What, you thought I wouldn’t mention that in a Washington Post blog?)

In honor of Redford’s special day, I’m asking you to rank 10 of his most memorable roles from most favorite to least. Given the sweep of his career, I have omitted many other good ones from the poll below. But feel free to post a comment and mention your favorite if it doesn’t appear here. (For the record, mine is the Sundance Kid.)