Robin Gibb in 2010. (Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images)

Dame Maggie Smith has asked to be written out of “Downton Abbey” after its upcoming third season, according to the Daily Mail. Said a source, “She thinks that three series is enough and she wants to get back to the stage and big screen.” This claim is in line with the Telegraph’s previous report that Smith wasn’t signed on past the third season. While I would miss the Dowager Countess with all my heart, it’s had to begrudge the 77-year-old Smith for wanting to do other projects. (Daily Mail) Update: Hmm. The New York Times spoke to a rep for Carnival Films, the production company behind “Downton,” who said Smith isn’t leaving the show. Others wouldn’t comment on future story lines. (ArtsBest)

Tom Petty suffered a heartbreaker (see what I did there?) when five guitars were stolen from his rehearsal space in California. A $7,500 reward has been offered for information leading to their return. (AP)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been offered a guest spot on “Saturday Night Live” and is considering it, according to the New York Times. (NYTimes)

Want to see famous people, including Elijah Wood and Aaron Paul, at Coachella trying to look all hip? Get thee to the link. (Buzzfeed)

Frasier gets a tattoo, after the jump.

Kelsey Grammer had his fourth wife Kayte’s name tattooed on his hip. So, there’s that. (E!)

Drew Barrymore was photographed furniture shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend. Baby furniture shopping? Maybe. (Daily Mail)

Nicki Minaj has deleted her Twitter account after getting into a tiff with some of her followers. I understand if you need to take the rest of the day off to deal with this. Tell your boss I said it was cool. (MTV)

In case you missed it, watch Steven Spielberg direct “Laser Cats 7” on “Saturday Night Live” below.