Rodney King mug shot. (Riverside County Sheriff’s Department)

Officers from the Moreno Valley Police Department pulled King, 46, over after observing him commit several traffic violations, according to a press release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. He was booked for misdemeanor DUI and was released on $2,500 bail, according to his arrest report.

Four officers were indicted for the 1991 assault that left King with brain damage. Their acquittal led to deadly race riots in the city. King was later awarded $3.8 million in a civil case against the city.

King has long struggled with alcohol addiction and has been arrested several times. In 2008, he appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” alongside actor Jeff Conaway. Conaway died in May after battling pneumonia and sepsis related to prescription drug use.

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