Director Roman Polanski shows his lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival. (Christian Hartmann/Reuters)

“Friends, what can I can say? Better late than never,” he told to the audience.

A new documentary about his life, “Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir,” premiered at the fest. The film is made up of interviews with the director while he was under house arrest. reports that Polanski publicly acknowledges Samantha Geimer, the 13-year-old he sexually assaulted in 1977, for the first time: “She is a double victim: my victim and a victim of the press.”

Geimer, now in her 40s, forgave Polanski in 1997. She told ABC she received a written apology from him in 2009, which she said she accepted.

Polanski is still facing charges in the United States. There is a warrant for his extradition in 188 countries, but not Switzerland or France.