An (extremely late) mix of entertainment headlines ...

Ron Artest/Metta World Peace, with professional partner Peta Murgatroyd, in his first and last “Dancing With the Stars” appearance. (Adam Taylor/ABC)

Ron Artest — who just legally changed his name to Metta World Peace — was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars.” Which means that, in a manner of speaking, America voted against World Peace. (TV Column)

Paris Hilton has finished serving her probation. That’s right: No more community service in heels for her. (Yahoo)

Tony Bennett has apologized for his 9/11 comments on Howard Stern’s radio show. “There is simply no excuse for terrorism and the murder of the nearly 3,000 innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks on our country,” he said in a statement. “My life experiences — ranging from the Battle of the Bulge to marching with Martin Luther King — made me a lifelong humanist and pacifist, and reinforced my belief that violence begets violence and that war is the lowest form of human behavior. I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity and my desire for peace throughout the world.” (The Scoop)

Jennifer Aniston’s team “went ballistic” — Us magazine’s words — after Brad Pitt’s comments about their marriage in a Parade interview. (Us)

Matt Stone and Trey Parker say that, contrary to previous reports, there is no “Book of Mormon” movie immediately in the works. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Lady Gaga was recently spotted in Lancaster County, Pa., with reported boyfriend actor Taylor Kinney, a graduate of Lancaster Mennonite High School. (Lancaster Online)