We’ve seen Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange their vows. We’ve seen the royal wedding dress. We’ve seen them kiss at least 25 times, depending on how much media coverage one has ingested.

And yet there are still so many pressing issues to discuss about the mega-matrimonial event. Issues like: How did Joss Stone look? Was she dressed better or worse than Guy Ritchie?

Because Celebritology is committed to tackling such earth-shattering matters, here are a handful of photos of the celebrities from the entertainment world who attended the wedding. Those photos, after the jump, are followed by a poll that asks you to decide which of them was best-dressed.

(Pascal Le Segretain/GETTY IMAGES)

Elton John and David Furnish: The “crocodile rocker” added a splash of color to the dark grays of his morning suit, with a purple tie and a meringue-yellow vest. Furnish, on the other hand, kept his look more subdued and traditional. Both opted to forego the top hat.

(Pascal Le Segretain/GETTY IMAGES)

David and Victoria Beckham

Admittedly, any best-dressed contest that involves these two fashionistas tends to throw off the balance of fairness. This morning, the soccer star was drop-dead handsome in tails. And as for Mrs. Beckham, the results of our poll on her hat seem to be mixed. But the drapy, deep navy maternity dress and those killer heels are hard to knock. Any woman would have a hard time walking in those shoes, but walking in them pregnant? Impressive.

(Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP)

Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley

The “Sherlock Holmes” director (and former husband of Madonna) was accompanied by his model-girlfriend who, like Victoria Beckham, is expecting. Instead of navy, though, Ainsley went with a mix of leopard and stone print and a black hat that was a bit, um, bolder than Beckham’s.

(Dan Kitwood/GETTY IMAGES)

Joss Stone

The soulful singer looked quite proper in a bright melon-colored shift-style dress with matching jacket and shoes, topped off with a wide brimmed hat just perfect for hiding the fact that one is using a cell phone.

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