Russell Brand ended 2011 with the announcement that his 14-month marriage to Katy Perry was over.

View Photo Gallery: Brand is divorcing Perry after 14 months of what appeared to be a storybook marriage.

Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage,” the actor said in a statement. “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

In an attempt to fill in the gaps from divorce denial in early December to actual separation, several media outlets are weighing in with conflicting reports on the reasons behind the split and how the two are coping. Here’s a roundup of the items currently floating around the Internet, presented in a Q&A format.

How are Perry and Brand acting in the wake of the split?

Brand, who cited “irreconcilable differences” in the filing, spent New Year’s Eve alone at London’s Savoy hotel, according to the New York Post. “I’m doing good. Everything is going to be better next year,” he told reporters. The New York Post also noted that Perry had a very good time ringing in the New Year at Soho House in West Hollywood. While the pop star has not made a statement about the split, she may be “devastated” (source: Hollywood Life) or in a “great mood” (source again: NY Post), depending on which gossip outlet you believe.

Why are they getting divorced again?

Only Perry and Brand really know. But of course, plenty of media outlets have their theories. Hollywood Life claims that Perry’s “hard partying ways” made Brand, a recovering addict, uncomfortable, and that fellow pop star Rihanna influenced this behavior. Ted Casablanca at E! implied that “Vicey behvaior ... played a role in this divorce,” although he doesn’t specify exactly which vices are responsible.

Us Weekly previously claimed that the pair had been fighting since the beginning of their marriage: “Katy doesn’t think Russell respects her parents’ Christian beliefs or her friends.”

How ugly is this divorce going to be?

It’s unclear, but it appears it may have a major impact on Perry’s wallet. The couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, as Brand noted at a 2010 New York TimesTalk event covered by Vulture. Perry and Brand also reside in the state of California, where the law requires that, when no prenup exists, assets must be divided equally. That means Brand could walk away with half of Perry’s reported $44 million fortune, as ABC News points out. The British comedian is worth an estimated $15 million.

Brand and Perry got married in India. Is anyone from India upset about this whole thing?

There’s also fallout from disappointed parties, including Hindu leader Rajan Zed. The former couple wed in northern India in October 2010 in a ceremony that intertwined Indian tradition with Christian faith. (A Christian minister performed the ceremony.)

“They should have taken marriage more seriously as it is a sacred rite in Hinduism,” Zed told WENN. “If celebrities opt for a Hindu wedding, they should be prepared to adhere to the commitment, devotion, responsibility, sanctity and morals, which are attached to it.”

The elephants that participated in the ceremony have not yet released a statement, but surely one is forthcoming.

How are Perry’s religious parents handling the news?

Perry was reportedly worried about how her minister mom and dad, Keith and Mary Hudson, would feel about the divorce and asked Brand to be the one to file, according to TMZ.

Keith Hudson told a TMZ cameraman he could not comment on his daughter’s divorce but has condemned her lifestyle in the past. “Never close the door on your children, even though what they have done you may not have approved of,” Keith Hudson said during a sermon posted on his Web site. “ I don’t believe there’s a person who will approve of everything their children will do.”