Gosling: giver. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Well, hey, what do you know? The Internet — as well as Gosling and Fassbender and a charity event held in Austin over the weekend — have come together to bring us just such a story.

Gosling apparently showed up on Saturday at an event called the Spooky Skedaddle 5K, a fundraiser for the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation’s Language for All Campaign. Fassbender and Rooney Mara, Gosling’s co-stars in the Terrence Malick film that is currently shooting in Austin, were there as well, primarily to shoot some footage for said film.

Their presence (especially Gosling’s) prompted the dissemination of tweets like this:

Omg omg omg @ryangosling just walked right in front of me!!!! #dying#prayersanswered #spooky5k #tsd

— Eunice Castro (@_Chona_) October 27, 2012

And this:


— Lauren Gunter (@larnjee) October 27, 2012

And this, which, sadly, fails to point an arrow at a clearly arrow-deserving Fassbender:

Ryan Gosling was filming his movie at the Texas School for the Deaf’s Halloween Fest. Walked by us while taping. twitter.com/CoreyPud/statu…

— Corey Pudhorodsky (@CoreyPud) October 28, 2012
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Oh, and one more:

It’s true, Ryan Gosling has been sighted with film crews here at the #spooky5k!

— Language For All (@_LanguageForAll) October 27, 2012

So what occurred to prompt all this? Some staff members who work for the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation pinned some Gosling “Hey Girl”-style images to the group’s Pinterest board, as a way to attract more attention to the fundraiser.

Via TSD Foundation’s Pinterest board

Gosling probably did not see the postings, but Anne Adams, the Foundation’s executive director, said he likely was aware the 5K was happening. “The film crew has been parking some of their trucks on our campus during filming because we have a 67-acre campus right in the center of the city and it’s often used for such purposes,” she said via e-mail this afternoon

“We knew that Ryan was in town, and he’s been on streets around campus often so we were just pipe dreaming (and look what happened!),” she added.

Of course, it also probably helped that crew members with the still unnamed Malick film wanted to shoot some B-roll during the event.

Adams confirmed that, despite the Pinterest image above, Gosling did not run in the 5K. However, the event managed to raise around $20,000 with a bit of assistance from the “Drive” star.

“Ryan helped us out by paying $50 for a $1 glow in the dark cotton candy from a booth staffed by deaf children,” she wrote. “It was very sweet.”

Ryan Gosling, once again proving he stands for truth, justice, generosity, showing up to shoot B-roll when he’s asked to do so and giving his fawning fans more reason to crush even harder on him.

(H/T Buzzfeed)