When a street fight breaks out in New York City, who steps in to diffuse the situation? Gosling. Ryan Gosling.

Two women were shooting video of a couple of guys arguing over a painting on 14th Street — you know, because who doesn’t like to capture footage of people coming to blows over artwork? — when Gosling, clad in clamdigger sweatpants and a striped tank top, joined the cluster of onlookers attempting to break up the mini-melee.

Shrieking can immediately be heard once it dawns on everyone that, holy “Crazy Stupid Love,” that’s Ryan Gosling acting like a righteous citizen in front of our very eyes.

“That’s the guy from ‘The Notebook,’” says the friend of the camerawoman.

“You’re lying. You’re lying. You’re lying. You’re lying,” responds the videographer, pulling in for a tighter shot. “Oh my God, it is!” she declares, then puts her hand over the lens and pulls away just as Gosling walks toward her.

Come on, man, that’s the first thing they tell you not to do in Filming Clandestine YouTube Videos of Celebrities 101.

Gosling recently appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” in a slightly less ridiculous outfit and talked about the fact that he recently moved to New York. Apparently he’s already very involved in the community. Good for him.