This is now available On Demand. (Warner Bros.)

Ryan Gosling can now be accessed on demand.

“Wait, does this mean I can just ring a bell and Ryan Gosling will show up at my office looking all semi-goateed and handsome and sweep me out of my cubicle, just the way I’ve always daydreamed he would when I was supposed to be paying attention during powerpoint presentations?”

Uh, not exactly. TimeWarner Cable recently launched a Ryan Gosling On Demand service, turning the admired actor into, essentially, his own cable channel, one that allows viewers to overdose on several of his films throughout the month of February.

Eight Gosling movies are available for viewing via the service, until Feb. 27: “Drive,” “The Ides of March,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “The Notebook,” “Lars and the Real Girl,” “Fracture,” “Murder by Numbers” and “Remember the Titans.” Sadly, key Gosling releases like “Blue Valentine” and “Half Nelson” are not part of the mix. But “Drive” is also available in Spanish, which is great news for everyone who ever longed to hear Gosling and Carey Mulligan engage in very long pauses while speaking a Romance language.

With only 22 days left to indulge in Gosling On Demand, which films should you watch and in what order? Here’s my suggestion.

1. “The Notebook” (This laid the foundation for Gosling mania. Plus, this is the month of Valentine’s Day, so it’s sort of a must.)

2. “Drive”

3. “Lars and the Real Girl”

4. “The Ides of March”

5. “Crazy, Stupid Love”

6. “Fracture”

7. “Drive” in Spanish

8. “Murder by Numbers”

9. “Remember the Titans”

Agree with my order? Or did you stop reading this post and immediately rush to your TV to commence Gosling Fest 2012 and therefore are no longer available for comment? If you’re still here, feel free to suggest your own Gosling viewing order, based on the films above.