A few of the entertainment headlines on my radar this morning...

Ryan O’Neal has filed a defamation lawsuit against Craig Nevius, Farah Fawcett’s former persona assistant. O’Neal’s suit claims that Nevius made false statements to the press that prompted the University of Texas to sue O’Neal over an Andy Warhol painting that officials at the college want returned. O’Neal says the piece of artwork is his. Nevius tells the Hollywood Reporter: “I believe this is less about the portrait of Farrah Fawcett by Andy Warhol than it is about certain actions and events that occurred during the last few years of Farrah’s life which I have knowledge of and that he (and others) would prefer me to never speak about.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Chris Colfer: getting his “Glee” walking papers on Twitter? (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Roberts Blossom, the old man in “Home Alone,” has died at the age of 87. (Associated Press)

Rihanna is more popular than Lady Gaga on Facebook. Really, you should go like Gaga’s page immediately. She clearly doesn’t get enough attention. (Digital Spy)

Watch: On “The Tonight Show,” Bristol Palin explains to Jay Leno that her new chin was based on his, while Don Rickles makes choice facial expressions and semi-disparaging comments about Sarah Palin.

The history of “Friday Night Lights” and the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s latest, after the jump...

The “ Friday Night Lights ” finale is tonight on NBC; I’ll be live-tweeting it @celebritology beginning at 8 p.m. In the meantime, read Grantland’s awesome oral history of the show, and vote in this face-off for favorite character; will you choose Tim Riggins or Coach Eric Taylor?

Would you wear a dress based on “The Shining”? Or only if you were going for a look that conveys chicness as well as mental instability? (Buzzfeed)

In other “Glee” news, tickets for early sneak previews of “The Glee 3D Concert Movie” are now on sale. (Facebook)

Watch the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming family ad­ven­ture “Hugo,” then ponder: Is Jude Law in every movie coming out this fall? “Hugo,” “Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows,” “Contagion”... it’s like 2004 all over again.