(Ryan Phillippe, possible father for a third time. (AP))

A man has been charged with burglary after breaking into Madonna’s London home over the weekend. Madonna was not home at the time, as she was in the U.S. following the recent loss of her grandmother. (New York Post)

The Conan O’Brien documentary, “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop,” finds three distributors after premiere at South by Southwest. The movie will be released in theaters as well as to AT&T U-verse subscrbers. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Mel Gibson became a grandfather for the third time over the weekend. His daughter Hannah and her husband, singer Kenny Wayne Shepherd, welcomed a son. (Popeater)

Chloe Sevigny developing miniseries about ax murderer Lizzie Borden for Playtone and HBO. Yes, Sevigny will also play the role of Borden. (Deadline)

Find out — spoiler alert — who got the final rose on “The Bachelor” and which ‘80s rocker is expecting his first child, after the jump.

Spoiler alert: “Bachelor” Brad Womack proposed in last night’s season finale. And the bride to be is ... Emily Maynard. (ABC News)

Bryan Adams, the 51-year-old singer resonsible for such 80s hits as “Cuts LIke a Knife” and “Heaven,” will welcome his first child in May with his personal assistant, Alicia Grimaldi. (Daily Mail)

Disney has decided to drop Robert Zemeckis’s remake of “Yellow Submarine.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Viral campaign for J.J. Abrams’s “ Super 8 ” involves top-secret dharma Initiative-esque film clips. With some clever clicking and patience, you can see for yourself. (super-8movie.com/editingroom)

David Lynch to direct Duran Duran concert video, to be streamed online beginning March 23. Finally, the dancing dwarf from “Twin Peaks” and that weird French guy from the “New Moon on Monday” video can team up. (Billboard)