Sacha Baron Cohen has been making his public appearances of late as General Admiral Aladeen, his character from “The Dictator”, which I feel obligated to mention received just one star from Post critic Ann Hornaday. (The overall critical reaction has been mixed.)

As Aladeen, Baron Cohen has sprinkled a famous person with Bisquick, brought Martin Scorsese in his pajamas on “SNL” and and nearly fell off a camel at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sacha Baron Cohen nearly falls off a camel. (Joel Ryan/Associated Press)

Temporarily halting the tomfoolery, the actor took off the costume for a “Today” show interview Wednesday. According to Baron Cohen, this is just the third time he has done an interview as himself.

Of course, Baron Cohen couldn’t resist saying something a tad outrageous.

Regarding the Oscars powdering of Ryan Seacrest, the actor told Ann Curry he sent the E! News host a replacement jacket “and it had a little label inside — ‘Made by slave child labor’.”

“But he didn't send me a thank you note. Unbelievable,” Baron Cohen said.

The actor was eventually able to talk seriously about the film, which opens nationwide Wednesday, and his career. Watch the interview below.

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