Sacha Baron Cohen arrives as "The Dictator" at Sydney International Airport. (Don Arnold/Getty Images)

Sacha Baron Cohen’s publicity tour for “The Dictator” is in full swing ahead of its opening Friday, with the actor appearing as his character, Adm. Gen. Aladeen, on the “Today” show and “Saturday Night Live.”

Entertainment news followers got their first taste of Aladeen in February after Baron Cohen claimed he was banned from the Oscars and scored some free publicity. After being invited on the “Today” show to discuss the so-called ban, he showed up to the Oscar red carpet and dumped “the ashes of Kim Jong Il” on E!’s Ryan Seacrest.

(Seacrest said the powder was really Bisquick.)

Baron Cohen made his second appearance in character on the “Today” show Monday to promote the film, make jokes about his “Dictator” co-star Megan Fox’s alleged pregnancy and threaten Matt Lauer’s family.

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He also appeared on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend along with guest Martin Scorsese, who was in his pajamas. (Scorsese directed Baron Cohen in “Hugo.”)

Last week, Baron Cohen started a feud with the BBC, when he claimed to the Sun that the network had banned him. A BBC spokesperson actually took the time to respond to this nonsense, saying they’d be happy to have Baron Cohen on — as himself.

Does any of this tomfoolery make you want to see “The Dictator” in theaters this weekend? Tell us in the comments.