Oprah Winfrey talks with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. (George Burns/AP)

On “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” airing tomorrow, Ferguson said she was in Thailand as her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, and their children attended Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials. “When Andrew went with the girls, we were talking all morning and he was saying, ‘It’s okay. Just remember we had such a good day. Our wedding was so perfect,’ ” the Duchess of York said of her ex, who helped her feel a part of the day. Ferguson, or Fergie as she’s commonly referred to, was the last bride before Middleton to walk down Westminster Abbey’s aisle.

The last time Ferguson was on “Oprah,” she was apologizing for trying to sell access to Prince Andrew to tabloid News of the World. The incident, which she blamed on alcohol, was caught on tape.

As for what Princess Diana would have thought of the wedding, Ferguson thinks she “would be so proud of her son.”

Ferguson, like Chaz Bono, Shania Twain and many other recent “Oprah” guests, has a new show on the OWN network, “Finding Sarah,” which premieres this June.

Hopefully Fergie will address her daughter Beatrice’s now infamous hat. Check back in for more details and video of the interview.