Alec Baldwin, on Hurricane Irene: “Is the storm coming here? IS THE STORM COMING HERE?!?!” (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Ovation)

The average resident of the states unlucky enough to lie in the storm’s path are (hopefully) buying water, stocking up on food and making sure they’ve got enough board games to prevent Internet-less insanity.

But surely everyone’s biggest concern is: How will the celebrities who reside in New York City handle this epic swirl of rain and gale-force winds?

Sarah Jessica Parker told reporters that she has water, flashlights ad batteries. She’s also “removing anything that could fly through windows,” the AP reports. Wise move, SPJ.

Alec Baldwin, on the other hand, seems pretty worried about Irene based on this recent tweet: “Is the storm coming here? IS THE STORM COMING HERE?!?! AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!”

But he informed a fellow tweeter that he is prepared for whatever comes: “I have water, batteries, a Scrabble dictionary, peanut M&Ms, a copy of ‘Decision Points’ and a Thigh Master.”

You’d think ABC’s Katie Couric wouldn’t have put off preparations for so long, but alas: “Preparing for #Irene! Went to drugstore at 7:30 and no flashlights! Arrrgh! Will try later...”

Although Kirstie Alley isn’t a resident of the East Coast, she did have a stern message to those who may have to evacuate: “If you find the need to evacuate for the impending Irene..PLEASE take your pets.......and of course your kids....LEAVE bad lovers behind..;)”

Bravo’s Andy Cohen partially blamed noted giggler Anderson Cooper for causing him stress about the storm: “Ok both @CarolineManzoand @andersoncooperhave totally freaked me out and confused me about the storm. #unclear#cantwin.” But he’s still finding time to ponder life’s important questions: “OK so as I decide about whether to flee Long Island, riddle me this: do I have an Afro??”

Do you know who I’m really worried about? Fight resolver and dog lover Ryan Gosling. Stay safe, Ryan! (And all of you East Coast Celebritology readers as well.)