Sarah Michelle Gellar as Bridget in “Ringer.” (Eric Liebowitz/CBS)

For fans of Gellar and the still revered “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” her return to TV has been highly anticipated.

But does “Ringer” herald a stellar Gellar comeback? Here’s what critics are saying.

The Good(ish)

The New York Post’s Linda Stasi called the show “pretty darned interesting,” and says of Gellar’s dual roles: “you definitely want to spend some time with both of her.”

Robert Bianco at USA Today gave “Ringer ” a similarly nice review, calling it “a good show.”

And Mike Hale of the New York Times is willing to give more episodes a shot: “its glimmers of humor and the quirky ways it works the specter of Bridget’s addiction into the plot make it worth keeping an eye on.”

The Bad

The Post’s Hank Stuever wrote that despite the promising premise, “‘Ringer’ quickly downgrades itself to a fairly ho-hum night soap.”

“‘Ringer’ ... makes the calculated error of hurrying through most of its better plot twists in this first episode,” he wrote. “Further episodes now seem like a tedious and even redundant prospect.”

Hitfix writer Alan Sepinwall calls the show “stiff and dull, the characters (including both twins) thin, the situations laughable — even though it isn't trying to be campy fun.”

And AOL’s Maureen Ryan says: “Without the kind of sprightly, witty dialogue that 'Buffy' fans will recall from that show, Gellar's performances as Bridget and Siobhan seem a little wan, quite frankly.”

Is the lure of Sarah Michelle Gellar enough to make you watch the show? Or will you stick to old “Buffy” episodes? Post a comment and let us know if you plan to make “Ringer” a viewing priority.