Sarah Palin, now a motion picture. (John Walker/AP)

The picture — which was made and funded by conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon, according to the Hollywood Reporter — is slated to open next month in Iowa and may also become available via OnDemand. The film reportedly promotes Palin’s potential as a presidential candidate and features interviews with numerous Palin supporters. The voice of Palin is used via narration, but the movie does not contain an on-camera interview with the former governor of Alaska.

The film reportedly came about after Palin asked an aide to contact Bannon about helping her create a series of videos regarding her decision to step down as governor. Bannon reportedly decided to make a movie instead, and financed it with $1 million of his own money. The Web site Real Clear Politics was first to break the story.

Is there enough interest in a Sarah Palin movie to justify opening “The Undefeated” in more theaters? Could this be the political flick that becomes the summer’s surprisingly buzzy hit, a la 2004’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”? Will Michael Moore make a documentary about why the Sarah Palin movie was made? And how does HBO’s version of Sarah Palin, Julianne Moore, feel about all of this.

So many questions.