Sarah Silverman. (Craig Barritt/GETTY IMAGES)

After Amanda de Cadenet, a British photographer, complemented Silverman on her brand of brash, honest humor, Silverman expressed her shock that people commonly think of her as offensive.

(She talked about being an actual textbook example of the word.)

“I’ll tell you what’s offensive: these shows that are not even on pay television, that are on ABC during primetime,” Silverman said. “Twenty-five women in JC Penney prom dresses, fully grown, going, ‘He took us to a castle!’ No, he didn’t. Producers procured a castle.

“And there’s 25 of you. That’s how special you aren’t.”

Indeed, if you’re in need of TV show that actually celebrates strong women, “The Conversation” is worth a watch.

D.C. visitor Gwyneth Paltrow, another inaugural guest, talked honestly about her battle with postpastum depression, as well as her father’s death.

Zoe Saldana talked about having an egalitarian relationship, while Jane Fonda discussed her three marriages.

The famous guests also were asked about their favorite sex positions (except Paltrow, natch) and what they would tell their 14-year-old selves. Watch the entire episode here.

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