Scout Willis. (Andrew H. Walker/GETTY IMAGES)

The New York Daily News reports that Willis, who is six weeks away from turning 21, was charged with two misdemeanor offenses: violating the open container law and “criminal impersonation.” The second charge comes from her alleged initial attempt to present a fake ID to a police officer, who didn’t believe that Willis was a legally-allowed-to-drink woman named Katherine Kelly, as the ID suggested.

According to court papers cited by the Daily News, she was drinking an eight-ounce “Pakistani beer.”

Willis is due in court July 31.

In addition to working toward an undergraduate degree at Brown, the celebrity daughter is also, as People notes, part of the musical duo Gus + Scout. Her partner in that musical venture is the child of another famous person: Gus Wenner, son of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner.