Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globes in January, before she allegedly moved in with Sean Penn. (Paul Drinkwater/Associated Press)

But their appearance together at Reese Witherspoon’s recent wedding made their “in a relationship” status more publicly official. And now Us — apparently America’s No. 1 tracker of all rumors pertaining to ScarJo, 26, and Penn, 50 — is reporting that the two may have taken things to another level by moving in together.

Of course, the source for said information is someone defined as “an insider.” And Johansson is apparently spending a lot of time under Penn’s roof after residing temporarily at a West Hollywood hotel. So this arrangement could be temporary as well.

But between this and the rumors that swiftly circulated yesterday about Johansson possibly being pregnant — her rep quickly shot down that one as false — it’s clear that Johansson and Penn are now, officially, the gossip-driving couple of the moment.

And that means it’s officially time for you, the Celebritology audience, to assess the union between Black Widow and Jeff Spicoli. Is it an ideal match between two respected actors, or weird in an Angelina Jolie/Billy Bob Thornton kind of way? Vote in our poll and weigh in.