Oh, hey, Rick Grimes. How have you been? (Gene Page)

It seems like just yesterday that we were all screaming at our televisions in an attempt to make Rick and Laurie Grimes pay closer attention to their son Carl. But nearly four months have passed since the ”Walking Dead” season two finale. And now we know how much time we have to wait until the next season begins.

During today’s Comic-Con panel presentation focused on the upcoming third season of “Walking Dead, ” showrunner Glen Mazzara confirmed that the walkers will return to the AMC airwaves on Sunday, Oct. 14.

The other big moment of the panel — live-blogged in detail by Television Blend — was the reveal of a new preview of the fourth season, which has been posted online by AMC and can be viewed below.

The four-minute clip features glimpses of some new elements in the “Walking Dead” mix: Michonne and her machete, the prison and Woodbury, the quaint, Governor-supervised community that should give our zombie-pocalypse survivors far better retail options for those constant trips to town.

In keeping with “Walking Dead” tradition, there’s also plenty of Rick making important speeches, zombies getting stabbed, T-Dog not saying much of anything and Carl still insisting on wearing that dang hat. Oh, and watch all the way to the end: the kicker features an old friend whose name starts with the letter “M,” and it’s pretty great.

Note: This clip features some quick shots of semi-nasty zombie kills, so don’t watch it you’re squeamish. Although, if you’re squeamish, I’m guessing you don’t watch “Walking Dead,” so....