First, there’s the paternity suit saga facing her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

“What a crazy last two weeks in the news it’s been,” Ellen DeGeneres asked the Disney star Thursday. “To say the least,” Gomez replied.

She assured DeGeneres she was “alright,” but added, “It’s not easy.”

For a moment Wednesday, it seemed that Bieber’s baby woes were over. TMZ reported that his accuser had withdrawn the paternity suit and that her lawyers had quit the case. But that was not the full story. The woman’s new lawyer explained that he was in negotiation's with Bieber’s team to settle the claim out of court.

The paternity suit wasn’t the only pressing matter DeGeneres wanted to discuss with Gomez. She also addressed the Biebs’s sagging pants.

“ I think you can tell him to pull his pants up,” DeGeneres said. “I really can’t,” Gomez replied.

Gomez has been dealing with an issue of her own that doesn’t involve Bieber’s jeans. A judge dismissed criminal charges brought against a man accused of stalking her Wednesday, the AP reports. Gomez was granted a temporary restraining order against Thomas Brodnicki after mental health workers told police he has threatened to kill her. That order is still in place.

The gossip site interviewed Brodnicki after his release, and he promised to keep away from Gomez. He added, “I'm not overly concerned if I meet her in the flesh because it may be like scripture says. . . . Maybe us being together is too much like seeing the face of God.”

A day after his release, Brodnicki was placed on a psychiatric hold, TMZ reports.

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