Selena Gomez gets evasive when David Letterman asks if she and Justin Bieber are dating ... after Letterman holds up a photo of Bieber making goo-goo eyes at her at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. As far as we know, Gomez was not attacked by any Bieber fans after leaving the Ed Sullivan Theater. (Late Show With David Letterman)

As “The Beaver” made its debut at Austin’s South by Southwest festival, Mel Gibson was booked at an L.A. area police station, following up on last week’s no-contest plea to battery. (USA Today)

Rumor mill: Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene broken up? (Us)

Sandra Bullock donates $1 million to the American Red Cross’s relief efforts related to the earthquake in Japan. (Pop2It)

News of an “American Pie” reunion, a big moment for Nathan Fillion and a peak at the trailer for the new Tom Hanks movie, after the jump.

Sean William Scott already has his post-treatment plans figured out: he’ll once again play Steve Stifler in another “American Pie” movie, one that will play in theaters (and not just on DVD). “American Reunion” is slated to also include most of the original cast, including Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy and possibly Allyson Hannigan. Because this whole movie goes down in flames if there isn’t a “This one time, at band camp” joke. (The Wrap)

Jermaine Jackson is writing a memoir about his brother Michael; “You Are Not Alone: Through a Brother’s Eyes” is slated to be published by Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, this fall. (Reuters)

Nathan Fillion makes the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Let the geek squee-ing commence. (Entertainment Weekly)

Glee” will devote an entire episode next season to a single album. (Albums — remember albums?) And that album will be Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours.” I can’t wait to see the dance moves Mike Chang busts out during “Second Hand News.” (Vulture)

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The trailer for the Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts comedy “Larry Crowne” has been released. Should we be excited or not?