Seth Rogen this month at the Toronto Film Festival. (Jason Merritt/GETTY IMAGES)

But Rogen and Streisand have indeed worked together in a road trip buddy comedy called “My Mother’s Curse,” which is in post-production and due out next year.

While chatting with Rogen and his friend and screenwriter Will Reiser for a longer Sunday Style piece about “50/50,” he talked about the film and how — as random as it might sound — he converted Streisand into a “Coming to America” fan.

“It goes against every type of instinct you would think I would have, to do a movie like that with Barbra Streisand,” he said of “My Mother’s Curse.” “It’s not dirty. There’s no swearing in it. But to me, an exploration of the mother-son dynamic in that way was something I had never seen before.”

Rogen said he hasn’t seen the finished film yet and looks forward to seeing an initial cut in the coming weeks.

On working with Streisand, he said: “It was great. She was really fun, honestly.” When asked whether she had seen any of Rogen’s movies, he said: “I think she watched ‘Knocked Up,’ she said. And ‘Pineapple Express’ she actually really liked, which was surprising to me.”

Then he launched into this gem of an anecdote:

“She’s a huge movie fan. We could talk about movies all day. She actually watches movies. Like she had never seen, ‘Coming to America,’ and so I told her she should watch it. And the next day she came to work and she had watched ‘Coming to America.’ And she loved it. It was really — she’s like, ‘Did Eddie Murphy really play all those guys in the barbershop?’ It was funny having the ‘Coming to America’ conversation 15 years after the fact, but that’s what it was. Yeah, we got along really, really well.”

Actually, it’s more like 23 years after the fact, believe it or not. But either way, Barbra Streisand may have newfound respect for soon-to-be Oscar host Murphy’s work. And he has Seth Rogen to thank.