How is this face not the ‘Sexiest Man Alive?’ (Katy Winn/DAPD)

Look, Cooper is a perfectly fine male celebrity — more than fine, according to one Celebritologist who shall remain nameless as well as reader Bawlmer51, who assessed this news by noting in a comment that “My lady parts approve of this action.”

Still, this is clearly Gosling’s year. If you had to put money on who would be named this year’s Sexiest Man Alive — and clearly such important matters provide excellent reasons to gamble — Gosling seemed like your best bet.

The guy starred in three great films in 2011, is an Oscar contender (yet again!), broke up a street fight, felt embarrassed about it, brought his dog on national TV and somehow managed to stay completely likable. He even scored a highly coveted spot (cough) on our 11 celebrities having a solid 2011 list.

The brilliant minds at Buzzfeed have expressed the feelings of angry Gosling-ites everywhere in a list of their own, entitled: “63 Reasons Why Bradley Cooper Definitely Isn’t The Sexiest Man Alive.” (Spoiler alert: It’s 63 glorious pictures of Ryan Gosling.) Update: And now over 1,500 people have signed Buzzfeed’s petition on demanding People give Gosling “his own magazine cover.” (Occupy People magazine?)

Still, the Canadian Gos and his many admirers can take solace in the fact that he’s hardly the only deserving Hollywood male to have been denied this high honor in the field of hotness. Here’s a photo essay salute to several of them, one we’ve dubbed “The Sexiest (Robbed) Men Alive.”

Ryan Gosling

Crazy-stupid snubbed.

(Frazer Harrison/GETTY IMAGES)

Jon Hamm

What does Don Draper have to do to top this list? Sleep with his secretaries, look hot in a fedora and smoke a lot? Wait, he already does that. Come on, People magazine!

(Dan Steinberg/AP)

Idris Elba

1,000 pro-Sexiest-Man-Alive words spoken in a single photo.


Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper (Brent Stirton/CNN)

Michael Fassbender

His last name alone screams primal sexuality.

(Matt Sayles/AP)

Christian Bale

Do we need to remind everyone that he’s Batman? And that he sings the “Powerpuff Girls” theme in an undeniably appealing fashion? Of course, the odds of him agreeing to do a Sexiest Man Alive photo shoot are approximately 0.00.

(Darla Khazei/AP)

Nick Offerman (We really mean Ron Swanson.)

This might be the most egregious oversight of all. Nothing’s hotter than a man who loves bacon and refuses to keep proper receipts for tax purposes.

(Matt Sayles/AP)

Check out the People approved sexy men below.

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