Shia LaBeouf. (Markus Schreiber/AP)

TMZ has obtained video that shows the actor being punched in the noggin by an unnamed shirtless gentleman with a beard. The two are then separated. “Better lay low right now,” an unidentified companion of LaBeouf’s tells him as he struggles to break free.

It’s not clear what started the fight. Radar reports that LaBeouf and his fisticuffs partner began exchanging words inside the Cinema Public House. The two were reportedly asked to leave by security.

LaBeouf is currently in Canada filming, “The Company You Keep.”

This is not the first time the actor has been involved in an incident like this. LaBeouf got into in a fight earlier this year outside a bar in California. He discussed that brawl with Details, lamenting that he wants to be “George Clooney diplomatic.”

But that just doesn’t seem to be LaBeouf’s nature. He was videotaped last year throwing a cup of coffee on a photographer while in D.C. to film the third “Transformers” flick.

Maybe LaBeouf should try staying home and playing Scrabble.