Screen legend Shirley MacLaine elicited a lot of nervous giggles on “Oprah” yesterday, when she discussed her sex life, unique marriage arrangement, theory on 2012 and new book, “I’m Over All That.” In other words, Shirley MacLaine’s still got it. She told Oprah, “I’ve had an awful lot of lovers,” [insert nervous giggles here] then added “and a lot of awful lovers.” I think the entire cast of “Steel Magnolias,” Ouiser Boudreaux included, would be scandalized by that confession.

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Although the Oscar-winning actress’s honesty wasn’t as shocking as, say, the recent del Toro-Stewart baby news, it certainly was refreshing. The 76-year-old talked candidly about her 30-year open marriage with husband Steve Parker, urged us all hurry up and get our lives together before 2012 and said she only disliked jokes about her if they weren’t funny. “Isn’t being alive kind of a joke?” she said with Buddha-like wisdom.

Watch MacLaine’s full interview with Oprah here.

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