“A-Rod: The Movie”?

Probably not. But it’s fun to imagine the possibilities, especially since the Daily Express has reported that Cameron Diaz wants to make a rom-com about baseball and cast boyfriend (and New York Yankee) Alex Rodriguez.

Is it possible that someone at the Daily Express confused Diaz with Drew Barrymore, and also confused “Diaz has an idea for a romantic comedy set around Major League Baseball” with “Barrymore already made a romantic comedy set around Major League Baseball, and it was called ‘Fever Pitch’ ”?


Better question: Would you want to see Diaz star opposite A-Rod in a major motion picture?

I think I might, if only because it might give moviegoers the opportunity to feed each other popcorn while watching Diaz and A-Rod do the same thing on a big screen. For now, let’s dare to dream.