Seth Meyers: Kelly Ripa’s new partner? (Jemal Countess/GETTY IMAGES FOR TIME WARNER)

Ever since Regis Philbin retired from his daytime talk-show hosting gig in November, Kelly Ripa has been flying Reege-less, hosting “Live!” with help from a rotating cadre of co-hosts.

But according to Showbiz 411, she may have a permanent co-pilot soon. And it could be Seth Meyers, “Saturday Night Live” head writer, Weekend Update anchor and expert asker of the question “Really?!?

According to a 411 report by Roger Friedman, found via Vulture, Meyers is among three finalists for the job. The other two, like Meyers, have sat in the excessively tall “Live!” chair next to Ripa before: NFL alum Michael Strahan and uber-serious singer/Kanye West tweet crooner Josh Groban. Meyers appears to be the leading contender, according to Friedman, who points to his week-long run as co-host during next week’s broadcasts as strong evidence that he’s the front-runner.

Let’s say this is true, and that, as Friedman’s report also contends, Meyers will still host Weekend Update but step down as head SNL writer to take the job. Would that be a wise move for him?

The intensity of managing all those sketches and demanding guest hosts is undoubtedly draining. And if he can keep the high-profile anchor gig but also have a cushy morning gig, all of which would give him saner hours, it makes sense that he would entertain the possibility.

But let’s be honest: “Live!” is not exactly at the forefront of most people’s minds when they think “Comedy Genius Incubator.” Ripa is often funny, but there’s a certain formulaic, watch-this-while-eating-Eggo-waffles vibe to the proceedings that seem like a weird fit for Meyers. For example, it’s really hard to imagine Meyers finding daily, fresh joy in giving a Grand Cayman Islands vacation to the stay-at-home mom who actually remembered what Kate Hudson said 24 hours ago on yesterday’s episode of “Live!”

But maybe if Meyers comes on board, they will allow him to infuse the program with some of his own sensibility. Maybe the show can be reinvented. Maybe he’ll ask some genuinely daring questions of celebrity guests and not just talk to John Travolta about cupcakes instead of all those masseur allegations.

What do you think? Would you like to see Meyers in this role, or should he stay put at SNL? Weigh in by posting a comment. (Note: simply posting the question “Really?!?” counts as a comment.)